CD player Pioneer CDJ 100

VIDEO CD player Pioneer CDJ 100 Video #1

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The CDJ100S is a compact disc player designed for use by DJs, combining the functions and operations required for use in clubs with the unique features of the CD medium. The CDJ100 houses a built-in Digital Jog Break feature that offers three different remix assist buttons. The Jog Wheel allows you to speed up and slow down tracks and fine-tune cue points.


  • Mixing effects (Jet, Zip, Wah)
  • Jog Dial
  • Tempo Control +10 / -10%
  • Quick search
  • Master Tempo
  • Address playback
  • CD slot loading mechanism
  • CD point labels (Que, Autocue)
  • Fader Start function
  • Continues playing
  • Amortized suspension

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