DJ Effector Alesis AIR SYNTH

VIDEO DJ Effector Alesis AIR SYNTH Video #1

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It’s the ultimate evolution of sound. The most aggressive performance box to ever grace this little blue world we call home. Just pass your hand through its invisible, 3D infrared AXYZ interface to trigger any of 50 state-of-the-art sounds, from musical instruments to environmental noises, and anything/everything in between - building, rising, tweaking, and sliding with every hemi-demi-semi-quaver of your hot little hand.


  • 50 high-quality synthesized sounds and effects, including percussive and legato noises
  • Incorporates Alesis patent-pending AXYZ technology 3D infrared controller
  • Based on proprietary Alesus semi-conductor technology, with unique use interface
  • Large encoder for program selection
  • LED Program indicator
  • RCA stereo outputs; RCA stereo inputs allow pass-through of external signals, allowing it to be combined in a single system with airFX and CD player without external mixing
  • Appealing table-top design Alesis P-3 power supply
  • Easily mounts on any standard mic stand

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