LED CRYSTALL BALL adv. + Remote control

VIDEO LED CRYSTALL BALL adv. + Remote control Video #1

Rendi hind: 14.00 8.00 EUR/päev + KM 20%

Light source: high brightness 6 LED beads (red, green and blue colors pink yellow and white good brightness, lighting not cluttered)


Voltage: 90-240V 50-60HZ 
Cooling system: Fan forced cooling system
Control rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control.
Applications: stage performances, DJ, ballroom, KTV, bar, party Party, wedding, home decoration, leisure clubs, nightclubs, shopping malls, shops decoration, playground, holiday activities and a variety of other special occasions.

Function keys Description: MENU: Menu, UP speeds increase, DOWN speed reduction, ENTER: confirm. Press the Menu key to select the effect you want, and then adjust the motor speed up or down, then press the Enter key to save, OK, very simple oh Sound: Sound reaches a certain volume, light pickups will receive from the acoustic sound, follow the voice section of Minato transform internal procedures and a variety of effects.
Self-propelled: with or without sound, lights will run the built-in programs and transform various effects

Rental package Content:
  • 1 x DMX512 control panel & voice control RGB Crystal Magic Ball
  • 1 x Remote Control

Mõõdud: 17.5x15.5cm

Kaal: 0.75kg

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