Active speaker FBT Jolly 8 BA

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The FBT Jolly 8ba is a two-way design incorporating an 8” low frequency woofer and a 1” High frequency driver coupled to a 90°H x 60°V horn. The active internal crossover is at a fixed frequency of 2k. With a frequency range of 60Hz – 20kHz, Jolly 8ba provides hi fidelity sound for both speech and music applications with a maximum SPL of 119 dB. A front face steel grille protects the woofer from external damage. FBT’s ADAP® Advanced Dynamic Active Protection circuitry protects speaker/driver components against failure .The Bi amplified Jolly 8ba active speaker features a 150w RMS Class G low frequency amp, and a 50 w RMS.


  • Lightweight Polypropylene Cabinet, 8.1kg.
  • Bi amplified: 150w RMS LF & 50w RMS Class G Amps
  • Control Panel with Volume Control, 2 Band EQ,
  • Mic/Line Switch, Ground Lift Switch
  • Multiple mounting options: * Wall, Ceiling, Cluster, Speaker stands,
  • *Tripod Microphone Stands for near field monitoring use
  • *Optional accessories required
  • Two M - 6 fly points
  • Optional Carrying Bags available for protection for portable use
  • High SPL capability: 119 dB
  • Completely Manufactured in Italy

Mõõdud: 255 x 415 x 245 mm

Kaal: 8,1 kg

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