PA System 5.8 kW

Rendi hind: 234.90 EUR/päev + KM 20%


Mid/high- 2x “D&B ARENA 12 PRO” (12“ woofer and 1.4“ HF driver, 500 W, 1000 W program)
4x “RCF LF18N401” Woofer (Diameter: 18”, 1200 W AES, 2400 W AES program)

We also provide:

System connection/tune up-30 Eur. All set will be connected and optimally tuned due to client needs, by our specialist.
Sound engineer- F.O.H. Monitoring-30-100 Eur/h. Depends of conditions: Live band, orchestra, electronic/DJ.
Manpower for transportation and sound system build up-14 Eur/h.
F.O.H. - DBX Driverack 260 PA controller 2in/ 6out.

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