Fog mashine Antari Z-1200II, DMX 1200W

Rendi hind: 20.00 18.00 EUR/päev + KM 20%

Z-1200II dominates the entry-level of Z-Series II Fogger
It is equipped with ECO thermal control system and patented UNICORE heater technology. The heater element is like a jet air stream that can deliver a powerful fog in order to create the very best atmospheric effect. Z-1200II comes with high-quality pump and electronic low-fluid detector also known as Thermal Cut-Off (TCO), which automatically reactivatea shuts down the pump power.

  • Heater: 1,200W
  • Output: 18,000 cu.ft/min
  • First Heat-Up Time: 9 min.
  • Tank Capacity: 2.5 Liters
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 15 min/Liter
  • Remote Included: Z-8 (Timer Remote)
  • Optional Remote: Z-9 (Wirelss Remote)
  • Weight: 10.9 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm): L458 x W243 x H177
  • Power: AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz

Mõõdud: L458 x W243 x H177 mm

Kaal: 10.9 kg

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