Eurolite Blinder 2 x PAR 36
Rent price: 7.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Eurolite Blinder 8 x PAR 36
Rent price: 20.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Eurolite Blinder 4 x PAR 36
Rent price: 12.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

American DJ FREQ Matrix QUAD + UC3 konroller
Rent price: 25.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Add more creativity to your light show with ADJ’s FREQ MATRIX QUAD - a revolutionary 16-Zone RGBW LED Strobe Matrix. This 2-FX-IN-1 fixture features a traditional 4-IN-1 RGBW LED strobe + 16-Zone matrix chase effect. The matrix zone chase effect gives lighting designers the ability to create exciting and dynamic energy-driven lighting shows.
Offers full DMX control with 4 DMX channel modes, dimming, strobe speed and chase speed. The FREQ MATRIX QUAD uses sixteen 8-Watt bright RGBW LEDs and consumes a maximum of 152-watts of power.

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