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Microphone stand
Rent price: 2.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Versatile, convenient and easy-to-use stand, "Crane type”
Synth stand
Rent price: 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Synth stand
Pioneer RMX 1000 stand
Rent price: 10.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Pioneer RMX-1000 stand is the official DJ stand for the Pioneer RMX1000 DJ effects/remix station. Constructed to be sturdy and robust, this official stand holds the RMX1000 at the optimum height and angle for use during live sets and gigs.
RMX1000 stand by Pioneer has the official Pioneer DJ across the top and is designed to be as stylish as it is functional. A perfect addition to your home DJ or studio setup or equally at home in the DJ booth of the and bar or nightclub.
UDG Creator Laptop Stand
Rent price: 10.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
UDG is pleased to present its first laptop stand branded under its Creator series of DJ accessories. UDG's Laptop / Controller stand aluminum is the DJ's computer elevation station.
Metal Guitar Stand
Rent price: 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
This Stand is sturdy and foldable and can be adjusted to accomodate 30", 36" and 41" guitars. it is also suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars. The foam covers on the arms ensures your guitar is protected as well as stable.
Speaker stand K&M 2.0m (Heavy duty)
Rent price: 3.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Speaker stand K&M 2.0m (Light)
Rent price: 2.50 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Telescopic stand Athletics SAT-3T
Rent price: 2.50 EUR/day + VAT 20%
A professional telescopic distance pole with stepless height adjustment and a built-in lock mechanism and M20 thread.
Laptop Stand Gravity LTS T 01
Rent price: 12.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Whether on stage, at home, in the studio, or on the photo location - with the Gravity® LTST 01 laptop stand, your laptop is from now on, in your mobile performance rigs, always stable and safe, just as you need it.
Gravity Two-Part Speaker Pole M20
Rent price: 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

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