DJ Turntables

Turntable TECHNICS SL-1210 MK2
Rent price: 10.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Long recognized by the world's DJs as the best club-use turntable, the famous SL-1200 series is without a rival. The SL1210MK2 model features a precision-molded aluminum die cast cabinet with heavy rubber base material to absorb unwanted vibrations, very high torque for quick start-ups and a highly-sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbal suspension.
Rent price: 12.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Since its introduction in 2003, many have called the SL-1210M5G the "Grand Master" of the 1200 line. In addition to the legendary Technics ruggedness and reliability, the SL-1210M5G boasts some killer one-of-a-kind features including an all-digital pitch control with a greater range, a specially constructed tone arm for improved skip resistance, an easy to adjust braking mechanism, and a black, brushed steel finish.
Stylus Stanton, Ortofon, Shure
Rent price: 7.00 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Different types of styluses are available in rent.
Professional turntable Pioneer PLX–1000
Rent price: 15.00 13.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Price with needle: 18 eur + KM 20%

The DJ-quality PLX-1000 direct-drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the classic look, feel and performance of vinyl for music playback. The PLX-1000 features a high-torque direct-drive mechanism and exceptional audio playback quality. Modern digital DJs will appreciate the compatibility with current Digital Vinyl System while vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the tried-and-true design and familiar layout. Everyone will appreciate its proven performance and professional build quality that stands up to the most demanding conditions.
Novation Dicer DJ Controller (2 psc. pack)
Rent price: 15.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
This palm-sized cue point and looping controller has been designed to fit exactly where you need it: on your turntables, CDJs, mixer or laptop. Dicer always ships in pairs - one for each side.

Shure DJ Record Needle WLBL
Rent price: 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
The Shure Whitelabel cartridge is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology.
It is an optimal choice for Digital DJs, providing superb tracking of time-coded records, and minimal sonic coloration when mixing between digital files and analog records.
Technics SL - 1210 mk7
Rent price: 18.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
The new Technics SL-1210 MK7 model inherits the traditional design of the series and maintains ease of use, reliability and durability.

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