Turntable TECHNICS SL-1210 MK2

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Long recognized by the world's DJs as the best club-use turntable, the famous SL-1200 series is without a rival. The SL1210MK2 model features a precision-molded aluminum die cast cabinet with heavy rubber base material to absorb unwanted vibrations, very high torque for quick start-ups and a highly-sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbal suspension.

Technical characteristics:

  • Brushless DC motor
  • 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm
  • 0.01% WRMS 0.025% WRMS (JIS C5521) +/- 0.035% peak (IEC 98A Weighted) This rating refers to turntable assembly alone, excluding effects of record, cartridge or tone arm, but including platter.
  • Pitch control +/- 8%
  • Starting torque 1.5 kg-cm (1.3 lb-in);Starting time 0.7s
  • Electronic brake
  • Universal tone arm
  • Effective arm length 230mm (9-1/16 inch)
  • Size 453 x 162 x 360
  • Weight 11kg

Dimensions: 453 x 162 x 360

Weight: 11 kg

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