Tents, podiums, furniture, fencing posts, cable bridges

Pop-up tent 3m×4,5m
Rent price: 75.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
The set includes a 50 mm hexagonal profile tent frame, a roof, 3 walls + a wall that can be opened with a lock in the middle, fastening straps and piles, 4 concrete weights of 15 kg (each), plus a carrying case with wheels. The roof and walls are made of 500D polyester fabric, which is fire and waterproof and protected against ultraviolet radiation. The walls are connected to each other with a lock, with a velcro fastened at the top, one wall has a lock in the middle, which can be opened and closed if necessary. The corners are made of nylon double fabric. Thanks to its compactness, the tent is easy to transport and store.
Weight for pop up tent 15kg
Rent price: 4.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Additional metal weight for pop up tent. 35cm diam, 15kg. Weight goes around tents leg.
Adjustable Frame for banners/photo
Rent price: 45.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Assembled adjustable frame for banners, various backgrounds, chromokey, with the widest application, from studios to large events.
Gold Fencing Post
Rent price: 9.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Bag chair
Rent price: 7.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Folding chair, black
Rent price: 2.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Drummer throne Athletic ST3 (Pneumatic)
Rent price: 8.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
High-quality, stable throne for a drummer, pneumatically adjustable in height with a comfortable, profiled seat, made of ecological leather.
Gravity Table + Black Cover
Rent price: 15.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Universal table for dj controllers, mixers, laptops, synthesizer or any other purpose. Very quick and simple to assembly, easy to transport with compact bag.
Baltic Stages poodium 1m*1m
Rent price: 10.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
A high-end stage designed for frequent use as a small stage on its own or as part of larger prefabricated stages. It also can be connected with 1m * 2m podiums from Baltic Stages.
Single channel Cable Protector
Rent price: 3.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Cable Protector, protects and covers cables up to 11mm outer diameter under all types of traffic both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Drive Over Cable Covers are ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions, site-electrics, industrial plants and factory floors.
Double Channel Cable Protector
Rent price: 5.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Yellow/Black traffic cone 30cm
Rent price: 3.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%

Heater 2kW
Rent price: 10.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
With adjustable thermostat, for installation on the floor. Easy to move thanks to the carrying handle.
Electric heater 9kW
Rent price: 15.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
With adjustable thermostat, for installation on the floor. Easy to move thanks to the carrying handle.
JoyTutus portable Car Fridge/Freezer 40l 12v/24v/100v/220v
Rent price: 25.00 EUR/day + VAT 20%
Fast Cooling, Energy Saving: No ice needed, range from +10℃ to -20℃. It only needs 15 mins from 25℃ to 0℃.

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