Karaoke süsteemid

Karaoke süsteem AST- 50
Rendi hind: 125.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
AST-50 is a professional karaoke system that has not only a unique and inimitable design, but also a full set of all-in-one functions, an ideal solution for a club, cafe, VIP room or home. Built-in dual microphone mixing console with voice effects processor and limiter. Controlled via a tablet computer. The AST-50 is extremely easy to operate and supports high definition video. The karaoke machine has an advanced high-speed remote control, a convenient and easy-to-use menu with the ability to search songs by name, genre, artist, and even words from the lyrics.
Karaoke VocoPro mixer + 2 radiomikrofoni
Rendi hind: 50.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
The BRIDGE is the latest in portable karaoke technology. With 2 wireless microphones, stereo RCA inputs, 1/8" audio input and an FM transmitter, it allows you to sing along to your favorite discs or Mp3s in the car or bus for hours of on-the-road fun. It also has a 1/8" audio input to connect your portable DVD Player, iPod, Laptop, or other audio device, for a total Mobile Karaoke Experience.

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