Statiivid ja kinnitused (Grip)

Accessories for GoPro cameras
Rendi hind: 3.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%

Camera Stand Heavy Duty
Rendi hind: 8.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
3 Sections stand for portable camera and camcorder.
Adjustable Frame for banners/photo
Rendi hind: 45.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Assembled adjustable frame for banners, various backgrounds, chromokey, with the widest application, from studios to large events.
Videovalgustuse/Kaamera Statiiv Neewer
Rendi hind: 10.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Stainless steel strong tripod for Camera/Lighting. Max length 290cm, folded 93cm. Nicely portable, lightweight, with carrying case, perfect for Cameras,Photographic Lighting, softbox mounting.

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