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Professional turntable Pioneer PLX–1000
Rendi hind: 15.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Price with needle: 18 eur + KM 20%

The DJ-quality PLX-1000 direct-drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the classic look, feel and performance of vinyl for music playback. The PLX-1000 features a high-torque direct-drive mechanism and exceptional audio playback quality. Modern digital DJs will appreciate the compatibility with current Digital Vinyl System while vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the tried-and-true design and familiar layout. Everyone will appreciate its proven performance and professional build quality that stands up to the most demanding conditions.
Technics SL - 1210 mk7
Rendi hind: 18.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
The new Technics SL-1210 MK7 model inherits the traditional design of the series and maintains ease of use, reliability and durability.
Shure DJ Record Needle WLBL
Rendi hind: 5.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
The Shure Whitelabel cartridge is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology.
It is an optimal choice for Digital DJs, providing superb tracking of time-coded records, and minimal sonic coloration when mixing between digital files and analog records.
Stylus Stanton, Ortofon, Shure
Rendi hind: 7.00 5.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
Different types of styluses are available in rent.
Novation Dicer DJ Controller (2 psc. pack)
Rendi hind: 15.00 EUR/päev + KM 22%
This palm-sized cue point and looping controller has been designed to fit exactly where you need it: on your turntables, CDJs, mixer or laptop. Dicer always ships in pairs - one for each side.

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